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From Bored to Board Game

Guide your child through the fun steps of making their own board game. This is a wonderful way to stimulate their imagination and creativity. And you will have a game you can actually play at the end.

Supplies needed:

  • A4/ A3 cardboard
  • felt tip koki pens or colouring in supplies of your choice
  • ruler
  • playing tokens (small toys or beads will work)
  • dice/ play money
  • optional: story book, pictures, stickers, toys

Here are some basic board game and card templates. You may download and print these on paper/ cardboard or continue and make your own.

To make your own board game, use the ruler to draw a path around the cardboard. Mark the path into squares on which the players will move around the board. Make a start and finish.

Place the supplies in the centre of the table. Use the children’s favourite theme or characters (example princess or race cars) as inspiration, and have pictures or toys on hand.

The children can build a story around their character for their board game.

What is at the finish line? What obstacles do the players encounter? What help do they get along the journey?

Use the story to add obstacles and rewards on random squares around the board. Such as moving forward 2 squares. Getting another turn. Going back to Start. Picking a card.

As you go along make rules for the game and write these down.

Colour in and decorate the board with hand drawn pictures, or use cutout pictures or stickers from the children’s favourite story.

Once the children have finished their board game, it’s time to play!

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