Vendors can access the following OLS resources, at no extra charge:

Promotions Page
You can display your sale items and deals here. You can choose to promote your deal Countrywide or in your home Province.

Product Labels and Tags
If you are running a particular special we can create a Tag (for the product filter) and a Label (shows on the product picture) that will highlight your promotion. For instance, four of our Vendors are offering a 4-in-1 delivery fee, which you can see in the Tag Product Filter in the shop pages and on the Product pictures.

Custom Page
Ask and you shall receive. If you would like a custom page for your promotion, to direct your Facebook leads, we can help with that.

Blogs/ Articles
We’re working on it – if you are interested in contributing content to the OLS website, we salute your enthusiasm. We’re working on this, but we can make something happen for you in the meantime.

Social Media is our FB Page. Like it. Share it with your friends. Post to it.
Or plug your own social media into your shop. Settings can be found in your admin area

We really are here to help. Please contact Site Admin (Kerrin’s details are in the footer below) if you have ideas, or need assistance.