Vendor Deliveries

On occasion as a vendor you may deliver goods directly to your customer instead of using a courier service. For the safety and security of the customer and the vendor, and in the interest of the OLS marketplace, the following rules must be followed at all times, and without exception.

  1. Delivery personnel must carry sanitiser or wipes in their vehicle during deliveries as per government guidelines.
  2. Delivery personnel must regularly wash/ sanitise their hands and frequently touched areas of the delivery vehicle.
  3. Delivery personnel must wear masks during a delivery.
  4. All deliveries are to be no-contact. The delivery person must maintain a 1.5m distance from the customer or doorkeeper where appropriate. Packages may be placed on the ground or on/in the vehicle for the customer to retrieve while the delivery person steps back. Where the package is in the back of a van, truck or bakkie, reverse the vehicle into the drive where possible, so the customer may view and retrieve the package safely and comfortably.
  5. A vendor may not enter a customer’s house without a prior written request. Preferably the transaction should happen at the customer’s gate or fence wherever possible. In the case of large or heavy objects being delivered into the house, and with written approval of the customer, both vendor and customer and all those present during the delivery, must wear face masks, as per government guidelines.
  6. The customer should not have to sign for delivery or touch any electronic signature device of the delivery person. Vendor’s may use their own confirmation method such as a Whatsapp message as proof of delivery. This is at the discretion of the vendor, and may become important if there is a dispute regarding receipt of goods.
  7. Invoices must not be transferred by hand. Vendors may tape the invoice to the package, or insert it into the package. The name of the customer, and the number of parcels must be clearly visible on the outside of the packages to ensure minimal touching and searching of packages.
  8. Where customer’s choose cash on-delivery payment method, the cash must be placed on the ground, or on the delivery vehicle by the customer where the delivery person may retrieve the money. Under no circumstance may a delivery person take the money directly from the person’s hands. On receipt the money should be placed straight into a clean bag/ envelope and the delivery person should wash/ sanitise their hands immediately after handling the money.
  9. A copy of the “Safe Package Receipt Guide” provided by OLS must be printed and taped to the top of the package where it can be clearly seen and easily retrieved by the recipient.
  10. Vendors and their delivery personnel should follow government guidelines first and foremost, where these differ from the guidelines provided by OLS.
  11. People who experience flu-like symptoms, or have an active Covid-19 infection may not deliver goods and should remain in isolation as per government guidelines.
  12. Don’t forget to greet the customer and smile! Even wearing a mask, a smile can be seen in the eyes.

Every OLS vendor should strive to exceed these minimal requirements and put their customer’s safety and satisfaction first.