Vendors Only

Get Started
If you’re new here, you’re going to want to complete your profile and setup your store front. The first time you login, the set-up wizard will guide you through the steps. You can access the Vendor’s areas via the links in the top right menu.

Use the dropdown menu “Vendors Only” to see the how-to guides or follow the links below. More info will be coming soon.

Get Involved
To create excitement around our marketplace we will have giveaways, promotions, contests and more. We will happily support any marketing initiative you embark on, whether it is just for your store, or part of a site-wide campaign.

Please contact Site Admin if you want to contribute to promotions.

Get Social
You can set up your own social media links from your Dashboard/ Store Front, or contribute to OLS’s Social Media streams.


We want to use all available channels to engage with our vendors and customers to make this site more than just a place to shop. We want to build a community.

Get Busy
The more we put into OLS, the more we get back. That means we all need to invest time and effort in order to reap the rewards later on. But that’s okay, cause we’re here to support and encourage each other along the way.

Get Creative
Have an Idea? We’d love to hear from you. This site was built on the idea that we can accomplish more together. Success for one, is success for all.

Get in Touch
You can reach out to us anytime via our contact details. We are here to help.