Getting Started

1) How to Log in

1. Visit this website and click Login Link 1 in top right menu. Enter your Username/ Email and Password from your application.

This website top menu.

2. A variety of menu options will appear once you are logged in:
2a. Account. This is where you will manage your Customer Account. If you decide to buy products from the site, you will become a customer.
2b. Dashboard. Where you can oversee your Vendor Account.
2c. Backend. Where you manage Products, Coupons and Shipping.

“Dashboard” will now appear in top right menu. Click on it.

After login you’ll return to the frontend of the website.

Click on Dashboard Link (2b) to find and edit your Profile and Storefront.

2) About Your Vendor Dashboard

Your Dashboard. On your fist login, you may go through the Setup Wizard to complete your Profile.

3. Storefront – Personalise your own Store front. This is what customers will see on the frontend of the website.
4. Profile Management – You can add further details about yourself and add a picture that customers will see.
5. Manage Products, Coupons, Shipping – A link to the Backend Dash, where you can add and edit products, add coupons, and set shipping fees.
6. Knowledgebase – We’ve put together info for vendors we think is important, such as setup and issues.

3) Personalise Your Storefront

Click on the Storefront Link (3) in the drop down menu above to create a beautiful shop for your customers.

This is where you can personalise your online store. Customers will visit your store so it should look professional.

3a. Add a header image. This image will be cropped to fit once you upload it.
3b. Add a logo or photo of yourself. This will be displayed in various places in the website.

4) Profile Management

Click on the Profile Management Link (4) in the drop down menu above to edit your profile.

Add to your profile

Add your name and a profile pic. Unfortunately the system will ask you to change your password, so type this in first, before saving.

5) Backend (Manage Products, Coupons, Shipping)

Click on Manage Products Coupons Shipping Link (5) in the top menu bar.

Backend is a second dashboard. You can return to Frontend Dashboard (2) by clicking the link.

2. Frontend Dashboard. This link takes you back to the main Dashboard from Steps 2-6.
3. Storefront. A repeat link to the Storefront, same as step 3 in Dashboard.

Backend Menu.

5a. Products. Add and Edit Products.
5b. Coupons. Add and Edit Coupons.
5c. Shipping. Set your Shipping Charges.