How to Set Shipping Rates

You will need to supply Site Admin with some information in order to setup your shipping areas. This can be emailed or sent by Whatsapp.

How to Find the Shipping Settings

You need to be logged in, and click on Backend Menu Link (2c.)

In website Frontend

Select Shipping Link (5c.)

In Backend Dashboard
Shipping Zones

About Shipping Zones

By default this website offers 3 delivery areas:

1) National: What you charge to ship anywhere in South Africa.
2) Home Province: The discounted rate you charge to ship in your home Province. (If different than the your SA Rate above.)
3) Local: The discounted or free rate to deliver in your local area. (If different than your National and Home Province Rates above.) The website uses Zip Codes and Town/ City Names to assign local shipping charges, so you will need to supply both of these to the Site Admin.

These Zones must be first set up by your Site Admin.

Shipping Zone “South Africa” represents your National Shipping

To set your National Shipping for South Africa (1) click the Edit Link (2.)

Continue by clicking Add Shipping Method (3.)

For the purposes of this example, choose Flat Rate and click Add Shipping Method (4.)

Click on Edit (5) Flat Rate

Type your National Shipping Rate (6) and save changes.

You’ve now set a Shipping Rate for anywhere in South Africa.

About Shipping Methods

There are 3 Shipping Methods available to choose from for each Zone. The above example showed the default Flat Rate option.

Flat Rate: A standard fee per delivery.
Free Shipping: Choose if you want to offer free shipping based on a minimum order.
Local Pickup: Great if you have a brick and mortar shop or workshop open to the public.

How to Work Out What to Charge

If you’ve never shipped your products before, you will need to do a little work to figure out your rates. The below info is intended to get you started, but you will need to check this for yourself depending on your own needs.

A good rule of thumb is R100-R150 delivery Countrywide. R80-R100 delivery in your Province. And free or low cost delivery by you or your staff in your neighbourhood and surrounds. Small, light items will generally cost less to ship, especially if your goods can fit in a Courier Sleeve. Larger or heavier items will likely cost much more and it is worth shopping around for the best rate. You will pay less if you are able to drop your parcel at the Courier’s Shop/ Office rather than having them collect from your door.

Creative Hands uses The Courier Guy (you can find their rates on their website or contact admin to collaborate on shipping) but you can use ANY delivery company you wish to, as long as they meet our minimum safety standards.

You can also use the SA Post Office for small parcels, documents, tubes etc. A general range is about R35 for a document and R65 for a tube. They also offer limited insurance for a fee of about 3% of the value of the goods. These prices are an indication only, please visit the SA Post Office website for their latest rates.

Info you Need to Send to Admin

Please supply the following info to Site Admin so that your shipping rates can be setup.
1) Your Home Province Shipping Rate (If different than your National Shipping Rate)
2) Your Local Shipping Rate (If different than your National and Home Province Shipping Rate)
Please include Shipping Rates along with Town/ City Name and applicable Zip Codes for your local delivery areas.